About Supervixens

Planet of the Feminist Supervixens is a modest little site devoted to discussion of feminism, politics, society, arts, culture, baseball, and whatever else may be on the mind of the chief Supervixen, Heather-Rose Ryan.  Fellow Feminist Supervixens of all sexes and genders are welcome to join the discussion.

Heather-Rose’s websites:

> Heather-Rose Ryan – writing, etc.

> beat-a-go-go.com, a webzine devoted to music, the arts, and writing

> Mysterious Mountain, metaphysical consulting – shamanic healing, psychic development, Reiki, earth magic, Tarot and more



  1. i just wanted to say hi to hrh. i had no idea she had “left”. after the election, being a man, i started playing vid games again and didnt follow the blogs much. she did get on me once for a comment but other than that she was always spot on with what i was thinking. i remember reading some topics and thinking hrh was the only smart, sane person there. they like to bait people.

    even if i dont believe in some of your idealogy, its good to hear you speak it.

  2. hey, thanks for coming by! You never know – maybe you believe in more of my ideology than you realize.

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