Open Thread

August 10, 2007


Mmm!  Tasty mouse!

Is that raspberry sauce – or blood??

(Tamala: Punk Cat in Space)

* * *

As Marisacat is scaling back her blog activities in order to rest a bit, I’m opening this site for comments in case it will be helpful to the other denizens of her lovely cattery.

Get better soon, MCat – your contributions are brilliant and your presence on the web is a treasure.



  1. Anyone shopping around for a particular recipe ? I could peruse my collection. I promise not to post it in the next thread about Israel-Palestine, also. 🙂

  2. wow, that pic is creepy!


  3. ms x, I’m always looking for recipes 😀 What do you have that’s good for summer?

    hi Madman, yes the pic is way-out, isn’t it? Apparently there’s a movie about this Tamala.

  4. I wish I had some recipes to share, but I always used to cook on the fly, back when I cooked, or read out of a recipe book by an author I trusted (I love Steven Raichlen’s High Flavor, Low Fat” cookbook, which is criminally out-of-print. There is a couscous recipe in there to die for, and an incredible black bean and mint salad.)

    You might enjoy this cooking video.

  5. my sister liked (when I crashed with her upon moving out here) when I used to carmelize sweet white onion and garlic, then pan fry chicken breast with red wine vinegar or white vinegar, depending on what I had on hand. Once the breasts were cooked through, the breasts were served w/ some wild rice on the side and, with a sauce made from the leavings in the frying pan loosened up w/ a splash of wine. The onions and garlic go on top of the chicken, anything that hasn’t cooked into the flesh.

  6. I have a stellar lime-oil dressing, SV. Nice on lettuce, or as a dip for melon or crusty bread. I’ll dig it out if you’re interested.

  7. That’s disturbing,but…
    well,maybe just disturbing!
    Kiss air,kiss air!

  8. Kiss air to you too, StarD! 🙂

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