Back Again

June 18, 2007

I decided to open up the place again, since Marisacat is taking care of other stuff.

Must air the sheets and dust a little bit.



  1. Mmmm… lentils. I know that some folks don’t like them, but to me that’s like saying, “I don’t like air and sunshine.”

    [takes blowtorch to kitchen, then sledgehammer, then gets clean cooking pot and settles in to wait.]

    BTW, all right-minded foodies should check out the recipes at IOZ’s page. Wooooo. As a Katherine Anne Porter character once said, “We need not believe in it, but it’s fine poetry.”

  2. I’ll vacuum.

  3. ms_xeno–can’t find recipe’s on IOZ’s page..

  4. Leaving a Comment: Am now going back to Miss D’s pool and enjoy another beer. Oh, and would you possibly have a bag of pretzels?

  5. Lentils are awesome. Welcome back SV. I’m also trying to throw up an Mcat style thread a day at lucidculture until she’s back in action.

  6. MissD, just look for anything entitled: “Foodie Friday.”

    Like so.

    It’s not really the Lillet hour yet, but I’ve got ice cold diet root beer if anybody wants some…

  7. Woot!

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