February 17, 2007

In beachy paradise wallowing in aquamarine surf and margaritas with Mr. Supervixen.  Will be back in little over a week.  Until then, keep the home fires burning!!



  1. svix-I got a new laptop-I can get your blog at home now.

  2. But our hearts are yearning! 😉
    Glad you’re having fun!

  3. I seem to have gotten lost in the blogosphere…can someone give me directions to the Star Chamber?

  4. LOL miss D…. “The Star Chamber”, the new reality TV show following A-List, B-List, and Consonant-List bloggers on their daily adventures… Don’t miss the episode “Rantin’ With Armando”!

  5. hey svix–could you clear those 4 comments from moderation?? back to work, girl!

    I’d really like a Law & Order knockoff:
    “there are two elements in the koskriminal justice system; the Fpers and the troll hunters. these are their stories.

  6. I thought that we were all Fr**p*rs now, Miss D. :p

  7. hey, Miss D, three of them are from pyrrho and I haven’t decided yet what his fate will be. I always liked him.

  8. What did I miss?
    More important,how was your trip?

  9. StarDragon, my trip was GLORIOUS!! Thank you for asking. I saw the Milky Way clearly, without all the “light pollution”, for the first time in my life. But now we’re back into boring everyday shit. I’m kneedeep in laundry at the moment. Stick around, I’ll work myself up into a rant soon 😉

  10. svix–I only know from an aside in a grad seminar on pre-columbian art, that the beaches are the most in tulum.

    ack-I miss the beach. Carpenteria beach where I spent many a fine day.

  11. I’m glad you enjoyed!
    Since you liked the Milky Way so much,how about I give it to you? We could call it the Supervixen Galaxy. 😉

  12. Miss D – yes, the beach in Tulum is amazing.

    StarD – Milky Way gratefully accepted! Many thanks! 🙂 (but where will I put it…)

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