Tiny Shrieking Potatoes

February 14, 2007

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I do enjoy Marisacat.  Her trenchant analysis of the current political-blog wars is unsurpassed, as is her way with words: 

Let me make this brief… One reason for mega meta smegma smack arounds all over the place (sorry, I am hors de classe – and the Blahg boyz can pronounce that any way they wish) is money.  Over the years, Kos and his related, afllilated sites, baby Agony Aunt sites (they know shit about politics but they do skin rip in public, regularly), the tied together box car sites, etc., have proven – in the finance area – to be small, smaller, ever smaller, downright tiny (but shrieking!) potatoes. 

They have not raised the bucks.  Not really.  (MoveOn raised over 240 million in the ‘06 cycle, ran national ads.) 

And now Kos, and his online relatives, is a potatoe casserole, dropped on the floor in a public transit area.

About it.

Reminds me of that great song by the Austin Lounge Lizards, “Pizza on the Ground”:

There’s a pizza on the ground
Straight out of the oven
Lying face down in the dirt
Just like me without your lovin’

“Tiny shrieking potatoes” is a good description of the entire blogosphere, actually.  Also a great band name.



  1. Great. I was gonna’ have potatoes for dinner. Now I’ll go hungry.

    Prepare to die, you hater.

  2. Hey ms x! Nice to see you here.

    My enemies have been spreading fiendish lies about me. The truth is that I love potatoes. But I have not yet taken a stand on the controversial “waxy vs. mealy” issue.

  3. PEIs.
    That is the Word.

  4. sv, if the Great Goddess Julia Child had meant for us to fret over such issues, She would not have given us butter and sour cream, to say nothing of olive oil…

  5. All Hail the Goddess Julia Child! One of the immortal Supervixens of history.

    StarDragon, I don’t see PEI potatoes down here in my neck of the woods (NH). Maybe there’s some kind of ban on the importation of Canadian potatoes? I’ve seen parsnips from Quebec…

  6. There WAS one,due to a fungus investation.But it should be ancient history by now.

  7. PS
    Hope your trip is marvy-poo,and un-TV newsworthy.

  8. over at skippy we have isolated a new strain of the dreaded ted barlow disease, and that is napolean syndrome by proxy.

    where tbd strikes bloggers after about 2 years, making them quit blogging under the illusion that their work no longer matters, napolean syndrom by proxy creates the exact opposite hallucination: that a blogger’s work is more important than it actually is.

    we are seeing several nasty cases of nsbp lately, kos being a prime example.



  9. again with the mcat

    but can she do this


  10. Somebody undercooked the potato casserole before eating it, I see…

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