I Am Amused

January 22, 2007

by the writing of Ronald Firbank, whose novels I’ve been coasting through over the past few days.  They are light, but interesting – oblique and witty.

From Vainglory:

“Surely,” he reflected, “her hair must be wired?”

Probably, as his wife had hinted once, her secret lay simply in her untidiness.  She had made it a study.  Disorder, with her, had become a fine art.  A loose strand of hair… the helpless angle of a hat… And then, to add emphasis, there were always quantities of tiny buttons in absurd places on her frocks that cried aloud, or screamed, or gently prayed, to be fastened, and which, somehow, gave her an air of irresponsibility, which, for simple folk, was possibly quite fascinating.

 Another character says elsewhere:

“When I try to do arithmetic, clouds come down upon me like they do in Tannhäuser.”

It’s most entertaining to read such stuff on a gloomy cold day, accompanied by tea.



  1. um. you’ll have to explain the Tannhauser reference.

    Oh and I wrote the book on untidiness. And many a frock of mine has orphan buttons in a glass jar I have kept for about 30 years.

    Ugh. back to work….

  2. oh I like the new pic. it’s wholly holey.

  3. which new pic?

  4. wow–I swore there was a different pic up there yesterday for awhile. it was a sphere full of holes with light inside that reflected onto a surface.

    {twilight zone music}

  5. hmm! that sounds like the pic that was included on the original “Neat” theme. But I haven’t changed anything back. Did you see this on your mysterious PC at home?

  6. no–it was at work–but i do sometimes see my original template when mine loads.

    laugh at my home pc–someday I will receive the first email from alien life!

  7. i am disappointed

    post more you nasty nail file you

  8. I shall, I shall! Patience my boy! 🙂

  9. All good things to those who wait!:)

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