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January 10, 2007

Reading Alan Bennett’s 2006 diary in the January 4 issue of the London Review of Books, I find this little entry:

24 November, Rome.  Sitting on a bench in the Pantheon while R. and Lynn fight their way round through hordes of schoolchildren (and it isn’t even half-term) I get talking to a young man who turns out to be a stonemason at Ely, working on the restoration of the cathedral.  He has been redoing some of the medieval carvings and says that the higher up the carving the more lewd the carvers’ imagination.  One capital he has had to restore had a devil biting off someone’s balls, and he needed the chapter’s permission before he could reproduce it.

Imagine that!  There were radical feminists back in medieval times.



  1. Shhhhhhh!
    We were called the Stonecutters back then.

  2. Stonecutters! Get it? Stone? Cutters? Stonecutters?

  3. LOL!! Sorry, I did get it but I forgot to post 🙂

    That reminds me of the Joseph Wambaugh novel The Choirboys, in which the L.A. cop characters had nicknames for various types of hard-ons. The hardest was a “Diamond Cutter”.

  4. Ooooh! I just got that,somewhere in a big box of used paperbacks! Will read it right after the Roddenberry bio.

  5. It’s not the best Wambaugh, in my estimation. I suggest The Black Marble.

  6. But I don’t have The Black Marble(I don’t think.):(
    I do have The Choirboys.🙂
    Did I mention it was cold out?

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