Life is Good!

January 3, 2007

It’s a beautiful day here in New England!

The sky is a pure cloudless blue, and the sun is turning the icy snow into diamonds:


This is the statue in my garden.  The photo was taken this morning.

I do work hard at getting in tune with my Buddha-nature, but my Scots-Irish temperament gets into the mix.  “Born Fighting”, you know.

So today on this wonderful morning, I’ve kissed my husband goodbye as he went off to work, I’ve put my son on the schoolbus, fed the dog and the cats and the parrots and the fish, cleaned up the breakfast dishes and put in a load of laundry, so now I’m good to go on another rant!  Yes, contrary to what some dimwits say at Daily Kos:

she probably has no husband or life for that matter. 

 (from The Great Armando)

No, dear dimwits: I’m happily married, I have a life, and it’s a very nice one.  Much nicer than yours, I suspect.

Oh, one imperfect thing at the moment: I have to go and make more tea.  Back soon.


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  1. Classic, isn’t it? If you disagree with some guy, you’re invalid as a person—and especially as a woman.

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